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New Designer To Watch: Gather Brooklyn

New Designer To Watch: Gather Brooklyn

Brooklyn, NY  -- 2020 is certainly a year of change and with so much emerging in the world, the craving for meaning and purpose runs deep in many people’s hearts. Emergent jewelry brand, Gather Brooklyn, is set to release it’s premier Resilience Collection with a launch party live on Instagram on August 5th, demonstrating that business as usual is indeed no more. With it’s creative, thoughtful, and sustainable approach to women’s demi-fine jewelry, each piece is a reminder that we can find meaning and purpose in the small things. 

Born out of a deep desire to share stories with the world through jewelry, designer Jules Greeneisen sought to create a brand that serves strong, thoughtful women. Women who want to understand the practices and the stories behind their purchases. Women who know there's more to a product than what meets the eye. 

The Resilience Collection features three amulets to represent the three pillars of Gather’s values: Strength, Sisterhood, and Ritual. These pieces, along with layering chains, earrings, and bracelets are meant to be mixed and matched to suit the wearer. The demi-fine price point makes it even more desirable. For Greeneisen, jewelry is ritual and she was inspired to create an arsenal for brilliant women to wear their strength on the outside. 

Though, this notion extends beyond jewelry. Greeneisen says, ‘There are so many messages telling women to know their strength, but what about the women who are already speaking up? We want to create a supportive community for women who rise to the occasion or want to learn how.” Along with free online Women’s Gatherings on the new moon, Greeneisen is adamant about creating a workplace community where women build each other up. 

From the women on her growing team, to the workshop producing her pieces, she’s teamed up with as many inspiring women as possible while dramatically shortening the supply chain to increase sustainable practices. As Gather expands, Greeneisen will employ skilled local artisans, a remnant of when the fashion jewelry industry was centered in New York’s garment district.

Above all, Greeneisen has two key messages she hopes to convey through Gather: all women are inherently strong and whatever industry you're in, you can create a business to meet your value standard. Gather Brooklyn will open for business direct from their site on August 1st with a launch event on Instagram @gather.bk on August 5th.

The Gather Story


Born from a deep desire to create and share stories with the world through jewelry, Jules Greeneisen created Gather Brooklyn as a value-based business. From her ten years working in New York’s fashion jewelry industry, Greeneisen learned about best practices and ways she could produce products more sustainably. Prioritizing ethical business practices on every level, Gather seeks to supply women with an arsenal of affordable jewelry that is comfortable to put on and meaningful to wear. To amplify women’s voices, Gather hosts free monthly women’s gatherings online. Gather is based in Brooklyn and the Hudson Valley of New York with a growing community gathering  worldwide.

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