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Daphne Sisterhood Amulet - Gold


Daphne Amulet Necklace 

This pendant is a token of strength in women, a hieroglyph of the Greek nymph, Daphne. Her beauty made her attractive to the god Apollo. When she escaped his lust, her desire for freedom allowed her to transform into a laurel tree, a symbol of Divine Beauty. Rooted into the earth and protected by the stars in the sky, she came to embody victory itself. The Greeks adorned their champions in her image, the laurel branch, as we continue to do to this day. 


This amulet depicts the raised laurel branch beneath a beacon star, a reminder that while we may be grounded in our ability to persevere, we are still guided by the stars. Daphne’s story connects us as sisters, grounded with roots and powerful beyond measure.

- 22mm Pendant

- Laurel branch and Constellation Star pendant

- Cubic Zirconia & White Quartz

- 18” Mini Rope Chain

- 12kt Gold Plated Brass

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