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Our Story

A Story of Women, A Ritual of Jewelry.

Born from a deep desire to create and share stories with the world through jewelry, Jules Greeneisen created Gather Brooklyn, a demi-fine jewelry brand for strong, creative women. With ten years of experience in New York’s fashion jewelry industry, Jules developed ways to design jewelry more sustainably and prioritize ethical business practices. Gather supplies an arsenal of jewelry that is comfortable and meaningful to wear, grounded in the concept that jewelry is ritual. To amplify women’s voices, we host free monthly women’s gatherings online. Gather is based in Brooklyn and the Hudson Valley, with a community gathering worldwide.

A Letter from Jules 

Hello Beautiful Women,

When I started Gather, I thought a lot about my grandmothers and the beautiful pieces I’d inherited from them. As a jewelry designer, these pieces meant so much to me, yet I knew I wanted strong pieces that were all my own. I wanted it to be my choice. For me, Gather is a place where I get to share my designs and come together with like-minded women. Beautiful, strong women who know who they are and their sense of worth.
I want to design for you
For me, jewelry is important to my daily rituals. When I choose a piece at the beginning of the day, it reflects how I feel, or even how I want to feel that day. At the end of the day when I take off my jewelry, there’s a sense of release -- shedding the days moments and emotions. For me, jewelry is ritual, and the rituals we create are deeply rooted in our sense of self. This is worth celebrating, and I hope you’ll Gather alongside me in this space. I look forward to creating a sense of community and sisterhood with you. Please bring your thoughts and creations forward, I’m interested in your world!
Shared with Love,