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Amethyst: the mind cleanser

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Amethyst: the mind cleanser

Dreamy purple hues that soothe. Amethyst is known as the mind clearing stone. The greeks recognized its powers and named it as such. “Amethystos” translates to “not drunk” and was said to protect you from over imbibing. It was once available only to Royalty. 


We love her for the calming effect from studying the refractions. Each inclusion and shift in tone were uniquely formed over millions of years. Not wanting to waste a bit of this gemstone - I’ve rescued off cuts from the stone cutters, polished them up and used them in the line. The symmetrical Rhea stud earrings, Rosette necklace and earrings all feature the stone. For an all around stunner, the Amethyst moon bead necklace is all the feels.